Terms & Conditions

At all airports we include 45 minutes waiting time free after the flight has landed, and there after the charge will be 25p per minute.

All Airports Pickup we will need full Payment or Deposit in Advance.

If a pick up from is within London (residential address or business address), we allow up to 10 minutes waiting time from the which passenger has made the booking for and there after 25p per minute waiting time will apply.

This means our fares are based on direct trip with passenger being ready to travel at the time of booking and place as specified.

From postcode cancellation not informed up to 3 hours prior to time of booking will incur 100% of the booking price.

If we pick up from any UK address the driver will wait up to 30 minutes after the time booking was made for, if we were unable to contact passenger (ringing the door bell and calling the contact phone number), we will pull the driver away and the passenger will be responsible for full cost.

No reservation is considers as accepted until confirmed by phone or email and passenger has been issued with the reference number.

All credit/debit cards subject to 5% charges.

Additional surcharge of 50% on the price listed on the site may be added on the following dates 24, 25, 26, 31 December as well as 1st of January.

There might be additional charges if the passenger has to make a stop during journey(minimum £5) or any other diversion on the way.

Refund Policy

Refund will be issued on the following grounds.

No refund will be issued for following.

Cancellation : Cancellation should be done 12 hours prior to your booking.

The service provider accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to a passenger’s personal property either when loading or unloading items from the vehicle or during any stage of the journey. All property is conveyed at the passengers own risk and is not covered by any of the service provider’s insurance policies. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that his property is packed, stored, and transported to avoid the goods sustaining any damage.

Lost Property

11.1 Any property found in a vehicle will be passed to the local Police Station by the end of the drivers shift. Or Within 48 Hours.

11.2 If the customer claims he has left property in a vehicle but the service provider is subsequently unable to locate the property, the service provider accepts no responsibility for the missing property or its replacement.

Soiling Charge

You shall be responsible for the behaviour of all the passengers in our Vehicle during the journey. You will be charged the applicable soiling fee of between £50.00 to £80.00 which the Driver is licensed to cover cleaning costs in the unlikely event created of the vehicle being soiled by any passenger.

Eating, drinking vaping and/or smoking in the Vehicle are not permitted.

Car seats facilities

For health and safety reasons A&B Group are unable to provide any form of child seat. If you require a child seat for your journey it would be the child’s parent/carers responsibility to provide one and to fit the seat in the vehicle and to secure the child. If you are booking a return journey and have your own child seat, the driver who carries out your booking will store your child seat for the return journey.