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Gatwick airport is the second busiest airport in London and at one point in time, it was the largest airport with one single runway. Gatwick operates through its two terminals, one in the south and the other on the north.  The entrance to the north terminal is through the Departure Road in Horley. The terminal handles most of the flights to countries in the Europian continent, domestic destinations in the United Kingdom and Ireland and other International destinations which requires long haul travel. Airlines operators like Easyjet, Flybe, Norwegian, Virgin Atlantic, and WestJet are mainly operational on the north terminal of Gatwick airport. Every passenger boarding a flight from the Northern terminal should keep an eye on the information screen as no announcements were ever made.


Because of twin terminals on the Gatwick airport, a lot of passenger's face a problem of reaching the wrong terminal. As both the terminals are a bit far away from each other, a mistake of reaching the wrong terminal can lead to missing of flights.A&B Cab's Gatwick North terminal airport transfer service is committed to solving this specific problem of any commuter and making the service more affordable for a larger number of customers. The service offering is divided into three major categories to suit the specific needs of any commuter. The three categories are : 

Airport to Airport transfer: This specific service connects a commuter from another airport around the city of London to the northern terminal of Gatwick airport. The major airport routes on which the service operates are :

  • Heathrow to Gatwick North terminal airport
  • Luton to Gatwick North terminal airport
  • London city to Gatwick North terminal airport
  • Southend to Gatwick South terminal airport

Other than servicing routes connecting airports surrounding London, we also connect commuters from airports of adjoining cities like Birmingham and Manchester to the Gatwick North terminal airport

Urban airport transfer: This specific category of service is effective on routes between urban centres, residential localities, and business centres in and around London to the Gatwick airport's north terminal. The major urban routes serviced under it are :

  • South walk to Gatwick north terminal airport
  • Hackney to Gatwick north terminal airport
  • Fulham to Gatwick north terminal airport
  • Wandsworth to Gatwick north terminal airport
  • Islington to Gatwick North terminal airport
  • Notting Hill to Gatwick North terminal airport
  • Richmond to Gatwick North terminal airport
  •  Tufnell Park to Gatwick North terminal airport

Other than connecting major city-based airport routes, the service is also operational on airports of adjoining cities like Manchester airport and Birmingham airport

Intercity airport transfer: The service connects major cities surrounding London like Manchester and Birmingham with the north terminal of Gatwick airport. We understand the problem of servicing a customer from far away places and the reason why it is a costly service when offered by other operators so made sure that our intercity services are affordable and effective for all customers. In terms of intercity commutes, the service connects also localities from cities like Manchester and Birmingham to the North terminal of Gatwick airport. 


  • Anybody who wants to opt for our services can do it any time during a day. A person can book the service for instant commute or future commuting on a future date. The three ways one can book a Gatwick north terminal airport transfer service :
  • The person comfortable with booking service on a call can opt to call any of our helpline numbers ( 0116-289-8989/0116-241-4141 ). Our helpline numbers are open 24*7 for any customer to book.
  • One can also book a service through email. You can email your requirement with our team at any point of the day. As our email service teams are operational 24*7, you can always expect a revert within fifteen minutes of your request.
  • If you are a tech-savvy customer, you can always for our online booking option. You can either use the website booking interface or you can check for the personalized booking app by A&B Cabs on the Google or Apple app store.


  • Always remember to mention the terminal from where you expect a pick or drop.
  • Enquire about the vehicle type while making a booking that suits your requirement. We offer plenty of options for our customers to fit their needs.
  • Be very specific about the time and pick up and drop location while booking


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